Here’s a selection of my appearances on television and radio.

BBC Sunday Politics – Are the DWP’s disabled employment figures too good to be true?

Sky News – Private schools and pay advantage

BBC Big Questions – Benefit Sanctions

BBC Sunday Politics – A film on the lack of disabled MPs in Parliament. You can watch a clip below:

BBC Radio Four, The World Tonight – Should it be illegal to discriminate against ‘the poor’? Hear it here.

BBC Radio Four, Woman’s Hour – Can nudity ever be empowering for women? Hear it here

BBC Radio 5live, Breakfast with Nicky CampbellDoes it matter if we use the word “gay” in a derogatory way?  

BBC Radio Four, PM with Eddie Mair – Lads’ mag culture and the closure of Nuts magazine

LBC, Breakfast show with Nick Ferrari – Private schools and tax breaks

BBC Wales – Will the Paralympics change perceptions of disabled people?

BBC London – Is the Church of England’s attitude to homosexuality “akin to racism”?

BBC West Midlands – Sex-selective abortion

LBC, Weekend Afternoon with Shelagh Fogarty – On the UK’s “shocking” disabled access


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